The new generation: Hadrian X the future of building.

Whether at work or at home, robots are bound to invade our daily lives. Robots set out to replace and/or assist humans, experts such as Joint Robotics Laboratory, Boston Dynamics, Shark Robotics are manoeuvring for a robotic future.

One example is Handrian X, a robot preparing to work in the construction industry. It is a robot developed by Fast Brick Robotics (FBS) capable of assembling a house in three days at a rate of one thousand bricks per hour.

The machine has surpassed man in many ways. FBS aims to revolutionise a sector where robots have not yet replaced human labour: construction. “Humans have been laying bricks in the same way for 6000 years. Until now”, comments the philosophy of the Australian company.

The West Australian reports that FBS has been working since 2015 on Hadrian X, a masonic robot designed to take construction to a whole new level. First tested in the laboratory, the robot’s results were very encouraging, it took Hadrian X no more than three days to build a 180 square metre house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it is capable of accurately positioning a thousand bricks per hour when a mason lays approximately 400 bricks … per day.
Its performance has been developed into a full-scale test with stunning results.

The robot-mason presents itself as an automated solution with a very high output. It would take no more than two weeks for a few Hadrian Xs to erect a block.

Mike Pivac, Managing Director of FBR, hopes to market this new construction method very soon. Although the masons are worried, the director assures that the arrival of his machine in the sector will have a minimal impact on employment.

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