The story of Marie-Amélie Le Fur

Marie-Amélie Le Fur is a French disabled athlete born on September 26, 1988 in Vendôme. 

As an athlete with a disability, she won eight medals at the Paralympic Games: two silver medals in Beijing, three medals in London and three medals, including two gold, in Rio. Her record of achievements also includes twelve world medals, including four championship titles. In December 2018, she was elected President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee.


She has been involved in athletics since the age of 6 and wanted to become a professional firefighter, but following a scooter accident on March 31, 2004, she had her left leg amputated below the knee 3 days later, following her doctors’ diagnosis, as attempts to save her leg were not enough. However, she started running again four months later to the day on July 31, 2004.

After her accident, she quickly appealed to Fédération Handisport, in order to resume a positive dynamic within her family after this tragedy that made her handicapped. Her need to run did not leave her, however, at the beginning, she did not want to confront her former sports comrades in her club, for fear of judgment, knowing that her condition would not allow her to be at the same level as them

Sport Career

Because of her handicap, Marie-Amélie Le Fur, takes part in the T44 (lower limb amputees).


At the 2006 Paralympic World Athletics Championships in Assen, Netherlands, she finished second in the long jump, 100 metres and 200 metres.

At the 2008 Paralympic Summer Games, she won two silver medals in 100 metres and long jump.

4 She won the 100 metres and 200 metres at the 2011 Paralympic World Championships in Athletics in Christchurch, New Zealand.


On June 23, 2012, she broke the world record in women’s long jump with a distance of 5.43 metres.

6 At the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games in London, England, she won a bronze medal in the long jump, followed by her first gold medal in the 100m (13:27) and a silver medal in the 200m (26:76).

Marie-Amélie Le Fur at the 2013 World Disabled Sport Championships.

In 2013, she became triple vice-world champion at the world championships held at home in Lyon: she won silver medals in the 100 metres8, 200 metres and the long jump. The following year, at the European championships held in Swansea, she won the 400m title, setting a new world record with a time of 61 s 4111 and the silver medal in the long jump.

Athlète handisport, avec une prothèse à la jambe gauche, courant dans un virage.

At the World Championships in Doha on October 22, 2015, she won the long jump final with 5.84 meters, a new world record but not approved due to overly favourable wind conditions. In spite of this, she broke this world record with 5.74 meters in steady wind. She then finishes second in the 200m final behind Dutch Marlou van Rhijn .On October 28, she won a second world title at these championships by becoming the first woman under a minute in her 400-metre class with 59 seconds and 30 seconds.The next day, she defeated van Rhijn in the final of the 100 meters, realizing 13 s 12 (French record) behind the world record of the Dutchwoman with 12 s 80.

At the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she won three medals, including two gold medals, a first in long jump, breaking the world record(now at 5.83 meters) and one second over 400 meters also breaking the world record (now at 59 s 27). The third medal was bronze in the 200 metres.

After the Games, she decided to take a sports break to devote herself to the Paris 2024 bid. She has another project, to have a child. A few days before the deadline, she is victim of a lightning pre-eclampsia, losing her child. 21 She then set herself the goal of participating in the European championships held in August in Berlin. She obtains her qualification by winning the title of French champion in the long jump in Belfort by succeeding 5.29 meters. After having acted as a consultant with France Télévisions during the European championships for able-bodied athletes, she won a new European title by winning the long jump, where she set a new world record with 6.01 meters

Athlète handisport atterrissant au saut en longueur, de face, les bras en l'air.

Other activities:

In December 2015, she was appointed co-chair, alongside Teddy Riner, of the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Committee. In this capacity, she sits on the Board of Directors of the Public Interest Group “Paris 2024”.

In July 2017, she was recruited as a consultant by France Télévisions for the World Disabled Athletics Championships in London. In August 2018, she was again hired as a consultant to comment on the athletics events of the European sports championships on France Télévisions with Patrick Montel, Stéphane Diagana and Yohann Diniz.

In 2018, with Antoine Griezmann and Estelle Mossely, she was appointed ambassador for the anti-discrimination campaign launched by Sports Minister Laura Flessel. On December 14, 2018, she was elected President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee.

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