To be a young Amish

The Amish are a Christian religious community of German origin founded in 1963. This community can be located particularly in the United States and Canada. They have the particularity of refusing technical and technological innovations (car, mobile phone …), they have a little vintage style like the 17th century that I find rather nice!
The Amish being a strict community, young people aged 16 to 19 go to rumspringa , during this experience which is a form of adolescence in the community , these young people discover the modern world outside their community and this for a limited period , during this discovery they can to do anything that is forbidden in their community (use the internet, go to a party, hang out with non-Amish people …). At the end of this experience, most of them return home and claim allegiance to the community and to religion, and on the other hand, they decide not to come back and see themselves permanently banished from it.
Following on from several testimonies of different young people who left the community after the rumspringa, we can see that the young people often speak of deliberation. As I said one above the Amish are a very strict community and have rules that have not changed since the 17th century , the young girls who they had for the most part known what would await them all their life within their community,, that is to say the life of a housewife , once confronted with modernity this calls into question and this asks if they too , in the end , didn’t she also have the right to do what they wanted to do . To be a little more general, these young people who feel suffocated within their community, have the impression of finally breathing.
There are also many young people who return home and are baptized in order to lend allegiance to the community , often these young people come home because he does not see it separated from their family or because the Amish lifestyle suits them totally. Once they have been baptized they must live as a whole person apart from the community and must therefore comply with these rules and the values ​​that compose it.

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