Troy Sachs a super: “Human among many”

The origin of the Paralympic Games

The first Paralympic game began on July 29, 1948, in Stokemandville, London. German neurologist Doctor Ludwig Guttman invented a means of physical and mental rehabilitation for soldiers after the war. The first athletes were 16 disabled, they competed in wheelchairs in an archery competition. All were wounded soldiers of the Second World War. The Games were held on the same day as the opening of the London Olympics in 1848.



Who is Troy Sachs ? What is his story ?

Born on December 3, 1975, in Bulli, New Wales, Troy Sachs is an Australian wheelchair basketball player. He was born without shin and with a deformed foot. His leg was affected at the age of two and a half, and was amputated below the knee. Troy Sachs started playing wheelchair basketball in 1991, at the age of 15. A basketball player with the National Wheelchair Basketball League (NWBL), he competed in 5 Paralympic Games and won three medals, first winning gold at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, then winning silver at the 2004 Games in Athens, and then winning gold at the 2008 Beijing Games. This athlete has also competed in several League National championships.


It is admirable to see that they overcome their difficulties despite their differences, sport helps them to integrate into society. They are courageous, inspirational and exceptional, physically, mentally and through their actions. They deserve their names as “Superhumans” because they give the impression that nothing stops them, and that they have power. 


To conclude, indeed the field of sport, disabled athletes have no special treatment, and without favors some manages to become champions several times medal. By the result of their determination and hard work, they are able to surpass themselves. These athletes also encourage people in the same situation to unite.



By Noémie George.

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