What future for our buildings ?

                                                A builder using an exoskeleton

I think that a lot of jobs would replace humans by robots in the future. You’d like to know why ? Because the world is constantly developing and undergoes big changes. It surely would be a question of time and money because it works like that nowadays. I explain myself : the robots have falcuties that humans don’t have, so in a profitability and economic point of view robots will cost less money than humans. The world of industry and construction are already well affected by robotics and will be even more so in the future. Labor jobs like masons or builders have big chances to be replaced by robots. These are jobs that require strength and require a lot of energy, hard all the time. By the way, there are already robots created to build walls and currently companies are using a very popular robot called an “exoskeleton”. The exoskeleton helps carry heavier loads than humans could carry and allows work to be completed faster than usual. Unfortunately, this development is likely to lead to the loss of the desire to work of humans, who will rely on robots and the unemployment rate is likely to rise sharply. The construction world already uses robots, it is only a matter of time before humans are completely replaced. The world will undergo great changes soon. To finish, I want to tell you that this article shows MY way of thinking and that in no way I want to influence you. Make your own opinion of the robots and the future 😉 

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