What if robots become cops?

Why not talking about robots replacing our police officers? What would be their faults and their qualities ? This is what we will talk about here.


Their quality :

A police robot could be much better than any other policeman thanks to many elements but we should already be able to have robots with a human form and especially endowed with intelligence or rather a flawless logic

These robots would make it possible to analyze the elements of a crime scene much faster and much better than a human, but why? Because it depends on what this robot is equipped with, it will of course not have an eyeball but something resembling with very sophisticated cameras
But he could have the CSI equipment that would take far less time to analyze the evidence he imagined if all he had to do was wrinkle his eyes to compare prints, but he could be much more useful than a simple detective, it could also act, thanks to those who compose it, with motorized legs allowing it to catch up to any fugitive or the ridge that it would have no fear, allowing him to fight and to be under a shootout in place of human if he is equipped with a balistic computer he could shoot so precisely that he could injure and put out of order without killing.
The problem’s : We don’t know how to create a robot with a better logic than human, we have trouble making robot march on two leg’s so he is not gonna run now and for finish, how can we be sure he don’t make a error like a human, how can we know if somebody gonna find how to fool him and make innocent be arrested
To write this text I was inspired by Detroit:Become human

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