What is beauty? How do you define what’s beautiful?


  • My dear listeners, today the Dove brand is organizing a campaign on “true beauty” and we invite us to ask ourselves to define this term. We will answer them with several questions.

Is the notion of beauty personal? Is there an absolute beauty? Does the notion of beauty change over time?

  • This is a question to which there is no answer. For millennia there have been people who seek what is beautiful without agreeing on a definition.


In the 19th century the great romantic Stendhal quotes that “Beauty is never, it seems to me, a promise of happiness”.

Whereas in the 20th century beauty is characterized by norms and standards that represents the feminine ideal, the Caucasian woman.

Today, beauty is a universal space indeed, farewell the complex beauty is now nameless and characteristic #my beauty my choice.


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  • The dove company then invites us through its companion Dove Mission to discover the true beauty. This companion shows the Robot Portraits of True Beauty by Dove. According to them”beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety” That is why they are present to help women around the world develop a positive relationship with their appearance, helping them to raise their self-esteem and reach their full potential.
It came to a similar conclusion to mine beauty has no filter we are all beautiful and beautiful and even more beautiful than we think. That is why we should see it. So finally, I define beauty as a quality that applies to things, to beings, but also to behaviors, gestures, achievements, ways of thinking and even intentions. Beauty is not aesthetic, it is sometimes invisible, abstract or inner.
 A tip for the end, look at you in the mirror and you will see “true beauty”.

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