Who will knock us out tomorrow?


  Following the arrival of robots/artificial intelligence in the world, robots are more and more likely to replace the humans in their jobs.
Today we will be interested in the case of nurses. 
As of today, the nurses are overbooked with the coronavirus health crisis and need to help to overcome the crisis.
If in 10 years the robots will be perfected and have much grater capacities than now, we could consider that they replace the staff of hospitals. If this happens, it would mean that the modifications made to artificial intelligence must be extremely precise, because in the medical field one cannot afford to make mistakes when the life of an individual is at stake, an incorrectly calculated dosage could lead to serious complications in a patient.
Now, if we look at the human aspect, for children for example, being treated by a human being would be more reassuring for the child according to the physical aspect.
As in all trades, if robots get into work, jobs will be automatically deleted and more and more people will find themselves in the stubble.


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