Why not a garbage robot?

The progress of digital technology  will lead to the replacement of humans.

Will digital progress lead to the replacement of humans by machines for all tasks? A survey of artificial intelligence and economic researchers on the evolution of our jobs in ten or twenty years’ time.

Replacing humans with robots may help to increase life expectancy because the exhausting collection rounds between going up and down, running and walking at a high pace. This device will not really take the man out of the maneuver because it is the man who will supervise the proper operation and who will have a button to start or stop the pickup in case of emergency .The robots will not have to deal with the bad mood of some motorists, the bad weather and the time difference because they will have a program that will set all that.

Everyone believes that it is not replaceable by a vulgar machine, but I think that in the long term, we will all end up going through it.



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