You are sources of beauty!

Hello, I would very much like to participate in your campaign, that is why I will tell you what I think of beauty

You are sources of beauty!

The vision of beauty evolves over time and it will evolve again. Beauty was, not long ago, a well-defined, great, fine criterion… now it is synonymous with diversity and naturalness.
We strive to be beautiful by copying what the sound has our eyes because we are constantly compared, judged and criticized by ourselves, society, our relatives and I do not know yet.
What we know about beauty is that it is a quality that applies to things, to beings, but also to behaviours, gestures, achievements, ways of thinking and even intentions. Beauty is not always aesthetic. It is sometimes invisible, abstract or interior.

Although we do not really know what beauty is, we try to reach it. Believe me just believe in you and your beauty because “You are sources of beauty!” Let us not denigrate what we are and what others are because that is what eclipses our beauty.

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