Young Amish people and Rumspringa

If you don’t know, the Amish community are people who are living in Pennsylvania since the 17th century. They don’t have the same lifestyle as us, they refuse to use modern technologies or cars but horses. They are really god-fearing. They’re afraid that technologies can change their tradition so they don’t want to be mix with the outside world.

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One of their tradition is “Rumspringa” mean “run around”. When amish children reach 16 or 17 years old, they can go to the outside world and discover it while 18 months to 2 years. This period is compared to when Jesus was sent 40 days in the desert.        

During this tradition , the teenagers have to decide if they stay Amish  or if they want to leave and go in the outside world. If they choose to walk away, they have to let their families and friends behind them and no longer contact them.

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Leaving my Amish world was excruciatingly painful”  said Eirene Eicher, she tells us that she made this decision for her children and husband. She want to give a good life for them. Although she made this painful decision, she was happy living in this kind of life : “I enjoyed growing up in the Amish community” .


Written by Judikael Lissillour, le 03/02/2021

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