Your beauty is in you.

We don’t have a real definition of beauty.

In the dictionary, the beauty therm is defined by “a set of shapes, proportions and colors which pleases and arouses admiration.” Beauty is therefore subjective and specific to everyone. One person may find us physically beautiful while the other may not necessarily like our physique. But basically physical beauty is not important, it is not what matters, what really matters today is what we emit, what people perceive of us. Indeed, the physique attracts a lot but once again we do not have all the same tastes and do not please everyone. But what makes a person like us is the way we speak, move, think, act, laugh, smile … Not our physique. Today we are constantly in front of advertising posters, magazines that show us people with perfect skin, silky hair, white teeth, big legs, slim waists.

By dint of trying to be like them we end up not loving each other as we are. So instead of looking like the norms, why not just love each other the way we are with our flaws and imperfections that make us charms and make us beautiful. 😉 

For us the most important thing is that our customers feel good about themselves and if we can help them with our products that is enough for us.

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