Unit 1 As others see us

Social networks represent a virtual world where we share various representations of ourselves – selfies, vacation photos and other avatars. Between obsession with self-image and narcissism, quest for recognition and search for one’s own identity, we can wonder how important physical appearance is. Moreover, in a world where the border between private and public life tends to crumble, aren’t social networks like surveillance cameras constantly pointed at our lives?

Notion : Representation of self and relationships with others

Key words: surveillance, privacy, appearance, narcissism

Key question : How do your appearance and self-image mirror your personality?
Objective : Expose your point of view, assess the points of view of others and make hypotheses. Develop ideas, argue and react to the arguments of others. Underline the causes, consequences, advantages and disadvantages.

Final task : Convince your narcissistic friends about the dangers of selfies.