Unit 1 Love at first swipe

The purpose of this unit is to show how modern communication tools
and dating apps may have changed the way people get to know each other.
Are these modern communication tools a solution to the feeling of isolation that some people can feel? Or don’t they reinforce this feeling as the interactions in real life are actually less frequent? Has modern day technology destroyed true relationships? The final written interaction project will allow you to formulate an opinion on this subject taking into account the opinion of your comrades.

Axis : “Citizenship and virtual worlds”, “Private and public spheres”.
Key question : How have apps changed social bonds?
Objective : Expose your point of view, assess the points of view of others and make hypotheses. Develop ideas, argue and react to the arguments of others. Underline the causes, consequences, advantages and disadvantages.
Final task : In an online forum, react to 21st century romance and courtship.