Unit 3 Being Amish

The aim of this unit is to give a general vision of the various Amish communities that live in almost all of the territory of the United States, and their relationship with the outside world.

Throughout the unit, students will discover the traditions, values and culture of the Amish: their dress code, their lifestyle , their means of transport, the rite of “Rumspringa” which allows young people to discover the “outside world”, and decide whether to stay or if they wish to leave their community etc.
The goal is not to criticize or praise the
Amish community, but to learn about this part of the American population.

Axis : Identities and exchanges / Territory and Memory / Diversity and inclusion

Key question : How does an old-age community face 21st century challenges?

Final task : Put yourself in the shoes of an Amish teenager and explain to your parents why you’ve decided to stay or to leave. / Write an article about young Amish people after their Rumspringa.