Linking your ideas (1)

Methodology : How to link your ideas

Task 1: Complete with a suitable linking words.

1. Jake hasn’t been able to play __________ his ankle.

2. __________ the weather is beautiful, few people came to the concert.

3.The rent is reasonable, __________ the location is perfect.

4. They had to borrow some money __________ pay the tuition.

5. The university canteen was crowded, __________ we found a table.

6. Please wait here __________ the teacher comes back.

7. __________ he arrived in the office, I had already left.

8. She likes to go to the morning lectures __________ he prefers sleeping in.

9. You should leave now, __________ you’ll be late.

10. Mother went shopping; __________, I cleaned the house.

Task 2: Join the sentences with a suitable linking word. There may be more than one possible answer for each sentence.

1. I went to bed early. I would be able to get up early to study for the test.

2. The suspect is critically ill in hospital. We can’t interview him for the time being.

3. I’ve known her for a long time. I don’t know much about her research.

4. She’s extremely generous. Her colleague is the exact opposite.

5. I didn’t say that. I didn’t even think it.

6. I could do the work tonight. I could get up early in the morning to do it.

7. The economy has been in recession all year. Our sales have remained steady.

8. The Government are getting worried. They’re losing popularity.

9. My job is very interesting. It doesn’t pay very well.

10. You leave now. I’ll call the police.

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