Silicon Valley: A tech hub

Celebrity 1 : ELLEN PAO

Celebrity 2 : BRIAN CHESKY

Celebrity 3 : ELON MUSK

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    a) Choose a celebrity. Go on the Internet to find out more about your Silicon Valley celebrity (company, achievements) and explain why he or she is successful.b) To what extent does his or her career reflect the spirit of Silicon Valley?
    Useful vocabulary: He / she is known for…
    He / she personifies the spirit of Silicon Valley because…

    c) Find another inspirational person working in Silicon Valley. How does he or she differ from or resemble the personalities on this page?

  2. Speak.
    Explore the interactive map to find out more about the companies located in Silicon Valley. Then do the activity below. Download your recording and send it to your teacher ( You can also record yourself with your smartphone.
    Useful expressions : how to express your opinion

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