Disposable humans


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  1. Kenzy

    I think cloning is a very good way to heal people from incurable conditions , like implant they organs to people but it don’t need to be the only way. We are humans and we must remain human.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Kenzy. Do you mean that clones are not humans?

  2. Eloizz

    I think clonning is some good, but we should be careful with this new technology

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment Eloizz but why should we be careful?

  3. mimba

    In my opinion cloning is not a good thing because I think that bringing someone back to life makes him grow up and then kill him or use him as a guinea pig, even if he’s a clone he’s still like a human.

    1. Mrs B

      Thank you for your comment. Very interesting!

  4. Noemie

    In my opinion cloning is not a good thing because, twins find it hard to find their identity, so cloning would be even more difficult because it would only be a copy of a being which removes any unique peculiarity to each being.

  5. Jennifer

    I would say that cloning is not a good thing because copying something is never 100% good. So imagine just the copy of a human being it will be something really different because the clone will not have exactly the same things in his body as the real person

  6. Leila

    In my opinion cloning is not a good idea because this prevents an individual from having his own personality. It can be very unsettling not to feel “identical to ourselves” only. In addition, cloning can seriously increase the rate of identity theft.

    1. Aricat Alick

      I don’t quite agree with you, because on the one hand it’s true that it prevents an individual from having his own personality, but I think that cloning has advantages, for example if a plant is endangered, cloning allows us to keep that plant.

      After that remains prohibited according to the laws.

      The cloning can have serious consequences such as malformations, premature ageing, etc.

  7. Annesophie

    according to me, cloning is either a good and a bad thing.
    I think a whole human’s clone isnt a really good think especially about a moral point of view because of how it should be considered in society ot as a human being.
    But cloning only human cells like organs or tissues could be a good thing especially for science and to cure previous incurable diseases.

  8. Abelinti Gianni

    To me ,cloning could be a good think to the future, because it could be the solution to some illness or even some problem as car accident. It could be also a solution to make a world without illness and immortalité or others think like that . But there is also the fact that could be control by some people and that’ si will put some people in jeopardy

    1. Aricat Alick

      I really don’t agree with you, sorry although cloning may be a good idea for vital organ replacements, cloning will never be able to remove disease.

  9. JI

    I think cloning technology does more harm than good.I think this technology is not perfect and there are many problems. The clone mentioned in the text.Humans grew up in an environment with a family, but how should cones survive? If cloned people will be cloned indefinitely, what is the relationship between them? They have the same genes, how to know their personal identity? Their existence breaks the normal state of nature,I think.

  10. dorisca

    I think cloning is not a good thing. Because the fact of reproducing several identical beings can create serious dangers for everyone. These people don’t have their own identity, they all look the same. And with the help of this initiative some people could take advantage of it to do dishonest acts. Human cloning is not the same as a normal, a real person.

  11. Lin

    In my opinion, cloning can be good or bad.
    Cloning can help us make progress in medical treatment.
    But if human clones are really integrated into our lives, will humans be quickly devalued to the point of being worthless?
    For example, if I die, just make a new clone of “I” and put it back into society.
    It has no effect on this society, because no one knows that I am “dead”.

  12. Maelia B

    I’ve never really thought about this before, but, I think th

    1. Maelia B

      I’ve never really thought about this before, but, I think that cloning can be a thing. Like, we can clone people to reproduce them better but they’ll never know. And one day we kill them and their clone will take their lives like their job, house, wife, etc. And the world would be perfect with only perfect people.

  13. Laeticia Chanoina

    According to me, cloning isn’t something good because the clone will not have his/her own identity. Moreover, as we saw in the text, clones are considered as objects just because they’re created thanks to someone else genes’ , which is not normal. Finally, it is true that cloning could be very useful to cure incurable diseases, but is it worth it if it costs someone’s life ?

    1. Aricat Alick

      Exact cloning can help for example if a vital organ is damaged.
      However if human cloning is forbidden in many countries it is not for nothing…

      1. Aricat Alick

        Between us , it’s strange of see another one us with even hair , eyes, the shape of the head, the same voice as us.

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