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  • use the vocabulary related to the topic. Use expressions about opinion, agreement, disagreement.

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  1. Leila

    Online dating apps have become the only way to find true love.

    1. RINGUET

      I’m not sure I agree with you, dating apps are a way to find true love. But it’s not the only way to do it. We can still find true love in real life just like in the good old days.

      1. Leila

        I don’t see things like you because nowadays people have changed. They aren’t as affordable and sincere as they used to be. People are much more suspicious and don’t like talking to strangers.

        1. JI

          I can’t fully agree with what you said.It takes a process to get along with each other.The cognition of each other is built after getting along,because at the beginning,everyone’s impression of each other is unfamiliar.People don’t like talking to strangers,I think it’s most likely because of their personality.Maybe these people are more passive than others,maybe they are not good at talking actively.Perhaps the online dating apps that you mentioned can become a way of communication between people.This way reduces the tension of face-to-face,but if it is only use this way to fin love,i think it’s not very appropriate.

    2. MarisaV

      I don’t agree with you because i think that you have to much chance to talk with a fake profile online and you’re more sure if you talk in person so it’s not the only way.

    3. Aricat Alick

      I disagree with you. Today, online dating apps aren’t the only ways for find the love.

      You going on the online dating apps, you find not the happiness !

      You see a girl who is beautiful on the profiles but no reality, it’s not like that at all!

      A apps can’t help to find the real love

      Ask your parents, before there wasn’t of online dating apps.

      1. Padilla Mateo

        Sure ! Today peoples need to meet in real life like our parents did. This is so much funny and social. And it takes a lot of courage to talk to a girl on the street and ask her to drink coffee with you.

    4. Padilla Mateo

      I totally disagree with you. Dating app are the saddest way to find love. It kill all the romanticism and you have a lot a chance to talk with a fake profile. On the other hand, if your goal is only to match with some people to have sex then you are where you need to be


    I totally agree with you, nowadays people take a lot of precautions in public. They don’t take the time to meet someone by coincidence, rather they will go to the easier and faster way. That is to say, using dating apps. But that’s still doesn’t mean we can’t find the perfect person in real life. It’s just a new way to find love.

    1. Judikael

      I have the same opinion that you, I think that nowadays people are using these apps because it’s a way easier to approach someone without being shy. But there is some people who are against using apps for find their true love, because they think that they are fake and it’s not their real personnality on their profile but one that they think is “perfect” for seduce others.

      1. Aricat Alick

        Exactly , the persons who want be on the online dating apps are very perfectionist!

        1. Alexandre Marie-G

          Nowadays, online dating app has become the only way to find true love. The positive aspects of its applications are, on the one hand, that they facilitate distance communication between the two people, some people find love, even make good meetings or create a bond of friendship.

      2. Alexandre Marie-G

        I agree with you that using these dating apps is a way to communicate more easily than face to face. I think that those who are against are afraid of being fooled by their profile or of being disappointed by the person on the day of the meeting, so they prefer to meet them in real life.

      3. Padilla Mateo

        In my opinion, people who use dating app are just frustrated or anxious to meet people. And this is a problem of our generation that must be solved. This is not only about timidity, even shy people can speak to someone in the street or in a club. For me dating app generate timidity and anxiety.

    2. Leila

      You’re absolutely right. However, this approach remains difficult because even if you want to find love like in the good old days as you said, you will not find immediately someone who is on the same “wavelength” as you. Today, people aren’t patient and want to have everything right away.

      1. Abelinti Gianni

        I partly agree with you because nowadays people will search a way to find love more easily but those apps like Tinder Remove the difficulty before looking for love as before without those applications. We can’t also forget the dangers of those apps like catfishes ,whose are so frequently. I do believe that dating apps become a way to find love but no the more secure because of those problems

        1. VERTUEUX Thomas

          From my point of view, I agree that most people today prefer to use online dating apps to find love. But I don’t believe that this means that all people in this world will in the future use dating apps as the only way to meet love . I believe that those who use these apps know that true love is done face to face, and that they only use them as a source of help or facility. If for example they don’t have any relationship of the opposite sex in their usual environment. And I share the same opinion than you because this use effectively leads to 2 problems: the overuse of these ways of dating, and the case of “catfishes” which completely harm the principle of the datings apps.

          1. Maelia B

            I think that dating apps is the only way to find true love, only if you really want something serious. Because if you meet someone in your school or city, if you live in a little city, people can influence your choice and your opinion about this or this person and even know you can have a face-to-face with them there is always a part of you who can’t really trust them. I mean dating apps must be the only way to find love because it works. And how I know it is ? Because more and more people download those apps. I mean if it wouldn’t work, nobody will go on it.

          2. Annesophie

            I agree a lot with you. Also on dating apps some people are searching for true love and some don’t like they’re searching for some fun or something so the different uses could be a problem too but as I said on my post I think it depends on people

        2. MarisaV

          I totally agree with you there is a satisfaction when you fight for the one you really love and you end up dating them that can’t be possible when you’re talking through apps.

  3. Jennifer

    I’m not sure I agree with you, that dating apps is the only way to find true love.
    Because on the one hand you are talking with a person behin a screen without even knowing if the person really exists.Whereas in real life you might go on a rendez vous and meet, you can then discuss, to get to know you better. And more you meet to see each other more you fall in love with each other. In this case there is a good chance of finding the right person.

    1. Laeticia Chanoina

      I agree with you, we can’t really be sure we are discussing with someone real on dating apps, while in real life we are facing the person so we see with who we are talking to. Nevertheless, in my opinion online dating apps can be helpful for people who wouldn’t dare to engage in a face to face discussion with a stranger (while not forgetting the possibility of being talking with catfishes etc..). So this kind of apps would allow them to do the first step to meet someone for after meet this person on real life and maybe find the true love.

      1. Alexandre Marie-G

        However, the negative side of its dating apps is that you can meet anyone, stumble upon fake profiles and fake accounts where people can pretend to be someone else. Most can’t find love on their dating sites. In my opinion, most people are afraid of meeting bad people like psychopaths or obsessives and being deceived by their lies.

  4. Annesophie

    According to me, dating apps aren’t the only way to find true love. To find love, we need to encounter new people so yes we can do it online but also in real life thanks to activities, to club and other social places. To be honest, I don’t really believe in love online like i don’t think dating apps are the best way to find true love but I think it depends on people.

    1. Abelinti Gianni

      I think that you right because there are so many people whose prefer the « old way » and not this way with the dating apps . I think that say dating is now the only way to find love come back to saying that we are completely trusting technology and no more to ourselves

    2. Maelia B

      Yes but, according to a shy person, dating apps is the only way to find love because they don’t have the bravery to go in a club or a association and even if they do it, if they meet someone, they would be more shy because they aren’t in tune with the environment.

      1. Laeticia Chanoina

        What you said is true, dating apps can help shy people to find true love, but on those online apps people can an create ideal profil so they can’t really be sure to message with someone who doesn’t lie about his/her personality. They can appreciate a person who is not honest about who he/she is. So, it can be useful for shy people but find true love on online dating apps will be complicated.

        1. Aricat Alick

          I partly agree because it’s true a person who is considering a relationship with a man or a girl is complicated. But the problem is on the online dating apps, people can change their identities just for do wickedness.

  5. Jennifer

    I agree with you, but it’s not that we trust technology.It’s just that dating apps can help some people face their fear and reach out to aperson without embarrassment.

    1. MarisaV

      But if they stay to much on dating apps they will never overcome their fear

  6. JI

    I think there are diversified ways to find true love.It can’t just be through one way to find it.Like the online dating apps we mentioned,with the development of technology,the existence of such a way proves that around us there is such a group of people looking for their love in this way.In our current living environment,the development of technology has indeed brought a lot of facilities to our social interaction,but I think we cannot completely rely on it and discard the communication in reality.Finding love is a long process.It is not only limited to communication, but also has others aspects(interaction,activities and trust). I think that compared with real life,there are more false information on the dating apps.And it’s even harder to distinguish between them.A person can apply for multiple accounts at the same time,will he have multiple identities?

    1. Abelinti Gianni

      I guess that you right because you highlights all those things about the process to find love by technology and compared to real life. But virtually I do think that somebody who have a multiple account could have multiple identities and it’s could also be the same in the real life .

      1. Aricat Alick

        I agree with you. However, the double face is more discernible in the reality that the online dating apps.

    2. VERTUEUX Thomas

      I couldn’t agree more with what you said JI. It’s completely true. Online dating applications in themselves are not a bad thing. They exist to help people in trouble. Which was surely the goal of the people who created them. The problem is actually the use of people on this type of application. This application makes it so much easier for them to find love. That they completely reject the traditional way (the most essential), which is to meet and share with each other. To the point that this way breaks certain social rules of dating. Like trust, real communication, complicity, and also sentimental progression since the person you meet is supposed to be directly your lover, without going through the “friendzone”. And so when dating online, a lot of his/her personality remains hidden.

  7. Abelinti Gianni

    It’s ok but the fact that double face is more dificult to spot in online dating apps could be a part of a problem, because this will come to talk to many « people » whose are so different by their profile and which could be in reality one and only person. So agree with you about that .

  8. Annesophie

    I totally agree with you JI ! Finding love on dating apps is a love with filter which are imposed by the app programs which isnt really the same than in real life.
    in real life, people aren’t comparing profiles to profiles or staring at someone’s faces to find out if they will complete what they’re looking for. Love isnt just communication between two humans being but also something uncertain which deal with our instinct and I personally think it is hard to recreate something like this just thanks to a dating apps. Nevertheless dating apps can at least help people to encounter each others.

    1. JI

      Yes,i understand that you said.What you said at last,i think that was true.Dating apps can at least help people to encounter others.It brings advantages to certain groups in our society.(As some people mentioned before,such as shy person,the person in trouble,etc.)This method give a platform for such groups to get to know others because this platform is extensive.

  9. Lin

    I agree with Ji. Because in fact, the intimate relationship between two people mainly comes from various forms of interaction. Online dating can only communicate through video or chat, but it is difficult to cultivate more intimacy, and more is to enrich each other’s image through their own fantasy.

    1. Maelia B

      Sorry but, I disagree. You can cultivate the same amount of intimacy in real life as through dating apps. And I think that sating apps make a stronger connection between them because when they will see each other again, there will be like an explosion for each meetings because of the physical distance creating by those apps.

      1. Laeticia Chanoina

        I share your point of view Maëlia. Online dating apps allow to create intimacy between two users without seeing them each other physically and make them want to meet. Moreover, I think the “connection” created on dating apps between two people allows them to not be embarrassed at the first face-to-face meeting (and the other ones). Also, it can make them realize that chatting on dating apps is not enough anymore and they need to see each other in real life more often to evolve their relationship or anything else.

        1. Mathis W

          I agree with you, Laeticia, but you have to remember that in order to get involved with someone you don’t have to have seen them before. For example, I don’t know if you know this, but there are television programs where people talk to each other and bond and even get married without ever meeting the person.

      2. RINGUET

        Yes, exactly they would like to meet each other more, and when the time will come It will be so amazing for them, because they were waiting so much for that moment. Because as some people said, the connection we create through dating apps is not the same we do in real life. Nevertheless, that’s bring something interesting in the relation trough dating apps.

    2. Mathis W

      I totally disagree with what you’re saying. To join what Maelia said, personally I feel much more intimate with someone with whom I speak by message than if it were in real life. I find that communication by message makes it possible to express more things without necessarily having the embarrassment of what we say or the judgment that the reaction of the other can express. For me to speak by message is a simpler way to get closer to someone because by message we are all equal. I explain, in real life, what you say will be influenced or disturbed by the place, the environment, the person’s physique, his size, his age.While by message only the thought of the other is transmitted. Moreover, by message, we are sure to understand everything we are told and we can keep eternal traces of the discussion.


    I agree with everyone, but dating apps is really not the only way to find love. We still have the real life ! The problem you guys talked about, is the problem about love and not about how we find love. I mean, dating apps or not, it’s just a tool to find love. It is not the love completely. Yes! love is the interactions, the discussions, the laughings, the time we spend with the person. But, it is not because we use dating apps, that we can not do the same thing with the person we met on it. In real life too, we can meet a bad person, a dangerous or toxic guy/girl, as in the process of dating apps. So yeah the cons we talked about dating apps or not, are just about LOVE. It is the danger of love, we just have to be carful either on dating apps or in real life.

    1. Laeticia Chanoina

      What you said is true. Dating apps are far of being the only way to find love or even true love nowadays. We still can meet someone we will truly love on real life, those apps are just an help to do the first step : meet somebody. Moreover, as some people already said, it can be helpful for shy people. Nevertheless, I understand the fact that people are more mistrustful with online dating apps as we have more chances to discuss with a person who doesn’t want anything serious (a lot of people are on dating apps like Tinder to pass the time).
      It is not because we live in a generation where new technologies are more than often used that online dating apps have become the only way to find true love.

  11. Tilla

    I agree with Leaticia, dating apps are not the only way to find true love and to be honest I don’t think you can find true love. To me, you can find love yes but the true one may be more difficult to find. People on online dating apps are too « superficial » because they want appeal to others and be attractive.

    1. Tiago

      I agree with Tilla in my opinion love can’t be done in a dating app, it can work that for some person love can be done on a dating app, but that’s not the truest, what I mean by that is that love, should not be forced by applications

  12. Leila

    I agree with all of you but know that it is also possible to meet dishonest people in real life. Besides, in real life, people can be attracted to us just for the sake of what we have and not what we are.

    1. Mathis W

      I totally agree with Leïla that the bad people are not only on dating apps. But on the other hand, it is easier to suspect the intentions of someone who is bad when you meet him in real life. Indeed, the context of the meeting can help to highlight the problem. For example, if you are a very wealthy person and you met in a bar or during a sports activity where your wealth was not valued, it is highly likely that the person loves you for who you are and not for your money. Whether it’s on a dating app or real life, you have to pay attention to your reputation, because even if you don’t know the person initially, they may know you or someone may have told them about you.

  13. Mathis W

    I don’t agree with this idea, it is true that now in the 21st century dating apps have become real tools to find love but are clearly not indispensable. Nowadays most people are wary of dating apps because they are mostly made up of fake profiles. Personally, my opinion is dating apps are only advanced tools to help people who are shy or have reduced mobility to find love

    1. VERTUEUX Thomas

      I agree with you, your ideas are close to mine. Some people may see online dating apps as the only way to meet people. But in my opinion, it is and will remain simply a secondary way of meeting, not primary, or a way of help for people in (real) desperate situations. And given the fact that some people take this kind of application less seriously than the creators hoped for. To the point of creating false identities. I think it would be important for people to remember that the real way of encountering is the one that happens in real life and the kind of encounter that happens naturally.

    2. Laeticia Chanoina

      I agree with you Mathis when you say that dating apps are not essential. But as you also said, it help a lot shy and disabled people. Maybe it help them at a point that they think they can’t do without. Nevertheless, on those online dating apps we don’t have the problem of the physical appearance and the problem of people who are not interested by you but by what you have, as Leila mentioned just before, which can help a lot.
      However, it is true that the other problem you meet on real life to meet someone, you also will find them on dating apps generally.

  14. Jennifer

    I totally agree with all of you, I really share the same opinion as you ( you can’t find true love on dating apps).
    But i will say that it is always an advantage for some to find the perfect person, the person that they always wanted to share their lives without worrying about the appearance of the person. Because for real love that lasts we do not care about the physical or what the person possesses. We are just looking for happiness and a better life with the person without worrying about his physical or other.

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