Useful expressions for your oral exam

1. Introducing the notion

  • I’d like to talk about the notion of progress
  • I’m going to deal with the notion of spaces and exchanges
  • I’d like to begin by giving a definition of….
  • First I will explain what I understand by……

2. Introducing your key question (problématique)

  • In order to illustrate this notion I will try to answer the question:
  • So I would like to try to answer the question why…..
  • We can ask ourselves why……..
  • Let’s take a look at why/how/ in what way/ to what extent…….

3. Presenting your plan and documents

  • My presentation is made up of two/three main parts
  • I will base my presentation on two main points
  • I would first like to concentrate on… and then I will move on to… and finally I will take a look at…..
  • I will begin with an insight into….. after I will take…… into consideration…. and to conclude I would like to talk about……
  • In order to illustrate this notion I have chosen 3 documents which we studied in class this year.
  • I would like to talk about several documents that we looked at this year ….
  • In addition to the documents we studied in class I would also like to talk about…..

4. Talking about a document/article/video

  • This document raises the point of…/ focuses on…/deals with
  • The main idea behind this article is that….
  • This article points out/underlines the fact that/stresses the fact that…..
  • The journalist draws our attention to the fact that….
  • The artist is trying to show how much…..
  • The author raises the problem of…….
  • He suggests that….
  • He tries to point out that…..
  • The narrator/author/writer approves of….
  • The author totally disagrees with the idea of….
  • The journalist disapproves of….
  • The illustrator is trying to warn us against….

5. Giving your opinion

  • In my opinion/from my point of view/as far as I am concerned…..
  • I really feel that….
  • I get the impression that…
  • I can’t help thinking that….
  • I have the feeling that….
  • I totally disagree with the fact that…
  • There is no doubt that…
  • It is impossible to deny that….
  •  I am convinced that……
  • I really find it hard to believe that….

6. Coming to a conclusion

  • To conclude I would like to say that
  • All in all I would like to point out that
  • To sum up I would like to say
  • By way of conclusion I would like to say that
  • In conclusion we can say that……
  • So to recap I’d like to finish/end/wind up by saying
  • Before I finish I’d finally like to say…

7. Conversation

  • I’m not quite sure that this is how you say it in English but……
  • I hope I’m not wrong when I say that….
  • I’m not totally sure but I think that…
  • I hope I’m right in saying that….
  • I can’t quite remember how to say it in English
  • I have forgotten how to say…..
  • It has totally slipped my mind how to say…


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